Idle Interval 1.1

Release Notes
Idle Interval Scripting Addition

version: 1.1
date: August 05, 2007
Universal Binary built with Xcode 2.4.1.
known problems:
Same as 1.0.2.

version: 1.0.2
date: January 25, 2005
note: Fixed two intermittent crashing bugs in Idle Interval Demo and Idle Interval Demo RC related to clicking in the about box. Updated about box in Idle Interval Demo to have a Local Scripting Addition version and better tool tips. Updated about box in Idle Interval Demo RC to have only the Remote and Internal versions of the scripting addition, and better tool tips. Updated copyright in Idle Interval.osax to reflect the dictionary change in 1.0.1, but Idle Interval.osax 1.0.2 contains the same scripting terms and implementations as 1.0.0.
known problems:
• Same as 1.0.0.

version: 1.0.1
date: January 7, 2005
note: Minor bug fixes in human interface in Idle Interval Demo and Idle Interval Demo RC. Minor improvement to dictionary comments in Idle Interval.osax, but no changes to scripting terms or implementations.
known problems:
• Same as 1.0.0.

version: 1.0.0
date: January 1, 2005
note: First release, compatible with 10.2 and 10.3. Provides new scriptable timing options for each AppleScript Studio application: reference interval, idle interval, idle frequency, next idle interval, next idle date, notification handler, and modify permission. Includes two demonstration applications, also built with AppleScript Studio: the Idle Interval Demo, as a sample application to show the features of the scripting addition; and the Idle Interval Demo RC (Remote Control), to show how to get and set timing options of a remote application.
known problems:
• The Idle Interval Demo can crash on 10.2-10.2.2, especially trying to do too many things at once, so it disables the "About..." menu item on those systems while the Idle Interval is enabled. To see the about box, uncheck the "idle in foreground" checkbox.
• On rare occasions, the Idle Interval Demo RC causes a remote copy of the Idle Interval Demo to stop responding, especially if you change the settings too rapidly. To recover, simply quit and relaunch the remote Demo application. To avoid the problem, make changes one at a time, and wait for each change to take effect.
• When connecting to an application remotely, adding your password to the keychain can cause a crash in Mac OS X. If this happens, you must edit your keychain to remove the password.
• Occasionally on Mac OS X 10.2.x, the About Box does not update with new versions of the Idle Interval scripting addition. You can update it by quitting and relaunching the application.

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