Additioner 1.1

Release Notes

version: 1.1
date: August 05, 2007
Universal Binary built with Xcode 2.4.1.
Added a new custom icon with arrows representing install, remove and switch versions.
Prepend the names of dropped additions with "+ " in the popup menu.
Slightly improved performance building the popup (more noticeable with more menu items).
known problems:
Same as 1.0.2.

version: 1.0.2
date: January 25, 2005
Added a Local Install button, to copy a scripting addition into the Local domain folder, "/Library/ScriptingAdditions/". The Local domain provides machine-wide scope (for all users on a machine) without modifying the System folder. The System Install is now hidden, to encourage Local Install for scripting additions with machine-wide scope. To switch between Local Install and System Install, press the control key before you click the button. Both Local and System Install require you to be an administrator, and to enter your password.
You can now drag one or more scripting additions from the Finder and drop them onto the Additioner window to add them to the popup menu. Dropped additions are sorted in with the other Ready To Install additions. To delete the menu item for a dropped addition, press the control key, then select the menu item. To delete all menu items for dropped additions, press the control key before you click the Rescan button.
Changed some of the command-key equivalents for the Reveal In Finder submenu:
     Installed User Additions:         cmd-U
     Removed User Additions:         cmd-option-U
     Installed Local Additions:       cmd-L
     Removed Local Additions:       cmd-option-L
     Installed System Additions:     control-cmd-S
     Removed System Additions:     control-cmd-option-S
     (Cmd-A returns to its ancient and original meaning, Select All in the Edit menu).
Fixed two intermittent crashing bugs related to clicking in the about box. Updated about box to have a Local Scripting Addition version and better tool tips.
The Additioner no longer requires the developer tool CpMac to support CFM-based scripting additions with a resource fork.
known problems:
Same as 1.0.0, except 1.0.2 supports the Local domain, and dropping additions from Finder.

version: 1.0.1
date: January 7, 2005
note: Minor bug fixes in human interface.
known problems:
• Same as 1.0.0.
• Sometimes crashes clicking the About Box feedback button multiple times.

version: 1.0.0
date: January 1, 2005
note: First release, compatible with 10.2 and 10.3. Supports both the system and user scripting additions folders.
known problems:
• Does not support the "Local" domain, "/Library/ScriptingAdditions/". Like the User domain of "~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/", most machines do not have one of these folders yet. However, for machine-wide scripting additions, Apple recommends the Local domain rather than the System. We intend to fix this bug in a subsequent version. If you are an admin user, you can use Finder to create and modify a ScriptingAdditions folder in the Library folder on the startup disk.
• Does not support drag and drop to add a scripting addition to its popup menu. We hope to add this feature in a subsequent version. To appear in the popup menu, scripting additions must be in the same folder as the Additioner, or in the Installable Additions folder in the same folder as the Additioner.
• If you attempt a User Install of a Recently Removed (System) scripting addition, it works as expected, except the Recently Removed (System) addition is not deleted. This allows non-admin users to capture their own installable/removable copy of a system addition even if they do not have admin authentication.
• For non-admin users, this version supports a User Install, Remove, or Delete, but it does not support a System Install, Remove or Delete. If a non-admin user attempts to modify the System scripting additions folder, the Additioner asks for the current account password, then the action fails without warning. This version supports all features for admin users.
• Occasionally on Mac OS X 10.2.x, the About Box does not update with new versions of the Idle Interval scripting addition. You can update it by quitting and relaunching the application.

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